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SCAHLS represents the activities of the veterinary laboratory network of Australia and New Zealand and is a sub-committee of the Animal Health Committee, reporting to Primary Industries Standing Committee.



The Australian and New Zealand Standard Diagnostic Procedure (ANZSDP) for Bovine Trichomoniasis has recently been endorsed by the Animal Health Committee and is now available for download from the ANZSDP section of this website. Other ANZSDPs that are expected to be published in the near future include: ovine footrot, antimicrobial sensitivity testing, betanodavirus and equine herpesvirus.

ANZSDPs are consistent with the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines and may exceed those requirements where special procedures and interpretation are necessary for Australian and New Zealand circumstances. ANZSDPs are written by leading Australian and New Zealand veterinary diagnosticians and are peer-reviewed. The primary objectives of the ANZSDPs are to facilitate the performance of test procedures and to ensure consistency between laboratories using methods selected for their optimal accuracy, sensitivity, specificity and robustness.

The ANZSDPs provide a valuable guide to animal health laboratory diagnosticians and scientists on suitable current test methods for a range of infectious animal diseases.

ANZSDPs are revised as required. Any tests that differ from an established (standard) test must be successfully evaluated by SCAHLS before inclusion in an ANZSDP. Commercial suppliers and individual proponents seeking inclusion of a new test, or a new version of an existing test, will need to submit relevant data to SCAHLS for evaluation. Once a new test is approved by SCAHLS it will be published on this website. The new test is considered to carry the same weight as those written in the current ANZSDP (if available) and will be incorporated into the next version at the earliest opportunity.

At the next SCAHLS workshop in February 2014, members will discuss various issues that may further enhance the structure and process of ANZSDP production.  To further develop this workshop, SCAHLS would appreciate feedback from ANZSDP users and other stakeholders. Should you have any specific concerns or suggestions about ANZSDPs, including ways to improve their production, please feel free to email your comments to the SCAHLS Executive Officer (

Update on the LEADDR Network

Recently the Australian Government Department of Agriculture funded a two-phase foot and mouth disease (FMD) project which aimed to deploy initial testing capabilities for FMD in the Laboratories for Emergency Animal Disease Diagnosis and Response (LEADDR) Network and was successfully finalised in July 2013. The transfer of the 3ABC c-ELISA and qPCR testing capability for FMD to six LEADDR laboratories (i.e. the Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania) was completed under this project.  In addition, the development and subsequent participation by all six laboratories in the first proficiency testing round was conducted. Agreement across all laboratories provided evidence of high-level harmonisation within the network.  Continued participation in proficiency testing and the use of network quality controls for FMD testing has now been incorporated into the routine LEADDR testing schedule.

The network laboratories also participated in a specificity trial of the FMD 3ABC c-ELISA to provide additional validation data for the 3ABC c-ELISA which will contribute to the development of a dossier for network test accreditation by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

Multispecies Influenza A ELISA kits have been produced and distributed to the LEADDR network under a recent project funded by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture.  The network is currently participating in a multispecies proficiency testing program using the supplied kits.

Updated 10 December 2013

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